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Botanical Kitchen Organics l Bring Nature To Your Kitchen

Botanical Kitchen Organics

PLANT BASED – Dairy, Gluten & Soy Free– Low Lectin, grainless

High in Biotin & Vitamin E - good source of copper

NON-GMO – KETO & PALEO diet – VEGAN at heart




“When you start a vegan lifestyle, cheese and cream are the products people miss most. I tried different brands on the market, but felt they were missing something.

That’s why I decided to experiment with homemade recipes to see what could be improved. Preparing my own alternatives also granted me the opportunity to choose the ingredients. I selected only the best, making sure everything was organic, gluten, lactose, egg and soy free. It wasn't long before I was sharing my products with family, friends and neighbors! 

As a result, we created Botko, so we can bring non-dairy cheese and other plant based products to you.”

–Gaby Castro, Founder

Made locally in San diego, california